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Who We Are

IA Multimedia is a family-run company that specializes in flexible turn-key video productions and automatic data acquisition & display. We have over a decade of experience operating our own sports video productions as well as using our advanced software to support those operated by others. 

Thinking outside the box is how we get things done. 
Our mission has always been to deliver high-quality video productions without extravagant budgets. We achieve this by using the latest products and technology, developing custom software, and using advanced automation. As well as reducing costs, these approaches have also enabled us to greatly decrease the carbon footprint of the video productions we operate or support. 

Our latest venture is poised to change the way video is used to represent sports. With our technology, video production companies are able to deliver a more interactive and engaging user experience at a fraction of the cost of conventional sports broadcasts.

Our Technology

Our advanced technology enables our customers to deliver a modern experience to the current generation of sports viewers. It is both comprehensive and modular, and so any or all aspects of a production can be enhanced - 
from the camera's lens to the viewer’s screen.

Capture & Transmission

The IA Multimedia Reliable Transport System (IAM RTS) transmits multiple video, audio and data streams from the venue to the cloud in synchrony. This approach delivers an optimized real-time feed while guaranteeing that flawless video is instantly available for on demand and editing purposes.

Cloud-Based Processing & Storage

As well as safely storing content and delivering it anywhere in the world, this system enables many video operations to be performed directly from the cloud with minimal onsite infrastructure. Production value can be quickly and inexpensively added to your broadcast with items such as slow-motion replays, accurate timing/scoring overlays, sophisticated graphics, color commentary, and live camera switching.

Enhanced Viewer Experience

Our multi-channel, data-enhanced video player uses special timeline markers ("EventMarks") to notify viewers about key events throughout the broadcast. These events may be goals, penalties, information & statistics, supplementary video content, social feeds, etc and can be viewed alongside the main broadcast. Using data in this way adds an entertaining and informative edge to your production and presents the viewer with an interactive, content-rich viewing experience.


Content can be monetized using our sophisticated access controls and payment mechanisms. Our multi-channel delivery means that ads are much less intrusive and auditable (as users interact with our system we can tell that an ad was seen, not just shown).

How It Works

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